Further regulation delays

We are disappointed to learn that there have been further delays in the creation and adaptation of short term rental regulations that protect housing supply and affordability within the City of Charlottetown.

Since 2018, the City has spent time deflecting responsibility to act on this topic to the Province, who inspects and registers all vacation rentals with PEI’s Department of Tourism. As public pressure increased and vacancy rates drastically dropped, the City started consultations a few months ago. This process included a city-wide survey in May, public consultation in June, and internal consultations with Charlottetown councilors in September. Results from these processes saw a strong voice towards an owner-occupied regulation model which has seen preliminary success in Vancouver and even stricter regulations been enacted in other municipalities, such as Victoria, PEI.

We worry that after all of the research, consultations, and public opinion on this issue, the City will not prioritize the social good of the community over the short term financial benefit to the City and a small number of operators. We want to protect those who are truly home sharing by encouraging an owner-occupation model which will preserve our neighbourhoods from unrestricted commercial operations that create ghost hotels, and transient communities.

From City of Charlottetown’s Official Plan “ The direction of this plan is to make Charlottetown’s neighbourhoods more stable and sustainable. “
In order to achieve their own plan, we must encourage our councilors to consider the research and public opinion by the Charlottetown residents that elected them. We rely on them to keep our neighbourhoods safe and stable, and to encourage community growth.

In acting in the financial interests of a small few, they are speaking against the majority of the people they represent to allow business and profits to overrule our growth and safety. We encourage any councilors that have questions or concerns to contact us to chat further before the bylaw is created.

For more information, feel free to visit our site: https://peifah.ca/short-term-rentals/

We encourage those who have concerns on this issue to voice them:

Mayor Philip Brown
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-393-2601 (Cell)
902-892-8662 (Home)

Councillor Alanna Jankov – Ward 1
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-393-3999 (Cell)
902-620-3474 (Office)

Councillor Terry MacLeod – Ward 2
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-394-7821 (Cell)

Councillor Mike Duffy – Ward 3
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-628-9501 (Cell)

Councillor Mitchell G. Tweel – Ward 4
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-393-5538 (Cell)

Councillor Kevin Ramsay – Ward 5
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-892-1902 (Home)
902-940-5291 (Cell)

Councillor Bob Doiron – Ward 6
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-566-2764 (Home)
902-394-2895 (Cell)

Councillor Greg Rivard – Ward 7
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-388-7031 (Cell)

Councillor Jason E. Coady – Ward 8
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-218-5734 (Cell)

Councillor Julie McCabe – Ward 9
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-393-9739 (Cell)

Councillor Terry Bernard – Ward 10
902-566-5548 (City Hall)
902-368-1634 (Home)
902-628-5393 (Cell)