The City of Charlottetown is hosting a public meeting on May 17 at 7pm at the Confederation Centre of the Arts to discuss the 5 regulatory scenarios proposed by Dr. David Wachsmuth in his extensive report on Short-Term Rentals (STR). Now is the time to voice your opinions and concerns on the 5 scenarios. The PEIFAH strongly back the second scenario (click to learn more). We need your presence and participation at this very important meeting.

What you can do to help?


Sign our petition telling The Mayor, City Council, The Planning Committee, and Planning Staff you support Scenario 2.


Email your officials to let them know why you think Scenario 2 is the best option to choose.

We believe housing is a right, not a privilege. It cannot be treated as a commodity to be governed by market forces. All people deserve safe, affordable and accessible homes. All levels of government have a role to play in ensuring its citizens have access to a healthy and sustainable way of life in their own communities.


What we’re advocating for

We will be a voice for the tenant community, continue to build the tenant movement, and do our utmost to represent our collective needs to government. Holding them to account on their policy decisions. Below are some of the policies we’re fighting for.

Up Front News

  • Federal Party Housing Platforms
    With the election fast approaching, we thought we would do our best to compile the four main party housing platforms. Firstly, we want to state as a non-partisan grassroots group, we will not be indicating support for any particular party. As you will read, only one party platform speaks to preserving existing public housing and creating new public or non-market housing. This is very alarming as public housing is vital to addressing the housing crisis.
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (06/21/2021) PEI Fight For Affordable Housing81 Prince Street, Charlottetownhousingpei@gmail.com902 894 4573 Charlottetown, PEI –  On June 14,…


Public Investment

We ask that federal programs for social housing be expanded, and that all levels of government follow the lead of other provinces by creating local social housing projects.

Inclusionary Zoning

We call upon all municipalities to make changes to their by-laws to require developers to assure 25% of units are affordable and accessible.

Rental Registry

We need an open-to-the-public rent registry to be built to provide Island residents the information they require to make proper choices when looking for a an apartment to rent.

Tenant/Landlord dispute protocols

We ask that improved protocols and enforcement are put into place to assist tenants in holding landlords accountable for their negligence.