Residential Tenancy Act

What is it?

This is essientially the law and regulations by which all rental properties are governed.

Rentals Office

Who are they and why contact them?

This is an office within the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC). They are the first place to contact if you have an issue relating to your rental agreement, rent increases, eviction, security deposit and other non-health related questions or concerns. They have application forms you need to file to help resolve your issues.

They also provide general information on renting and forms for you to use to ensure you are protecting yourself when you rent.

Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC)

Why contact them?

If you get a hearing through the rentals office and don’t like the decision you can appeal through IRAC.

What they are supposed to do for you

The Commission is an independent tribunal that hears appeals on issues relating to land use, property and revenue (sales) tax and unsightly premises. They can make legally binding decisions on issues between tenants and landlords. They are also responsible for regulating rental increases.

Frequently Asked Questions about the appeals process

Environmental Health

Why contact them?

If there is a problem with your heat, water, electrical power, gas, appliances, garbage collection, sewers, or elevators, the landlord must fix this immediately. You should first contact

your landlord and/or property manager and if your concern is not addressed in a reasonable period of time you may request an environmental health inspection using the online form below.

PEI environmental health officers work closely with tenants and property owners to ensure that minimum health standards are met in rental accommodations in accordance with the Public Health Act and Rental Accommodation Regulations

What they are supposed to do for you

Once you submit a request for inspection you will be contacted by a health inspector who will come and inspect your rental unit.

Community Legal Information

Who Are They?

They are a non-profit registered charity that provides free legal information through their phone line, website, e-mail, publications, and outreach efforts.

Why Contact Them?

They provide tenants more help with rental concerns, support navigating the Rental of Residential Tenants complaint process, as well as linking to housing supports.

Renting PEI

Who Are They?

Renting PEI is a project of Community Legal Information, funded by the PEI provincial government.

Why Contact Them?

They assist tenants on Prince Edward Island by providing legal information, referrals, as well as support during the rental hearing process. They also deliver workshops on tenants’ rights and responsibilities.