The City of Charlottetown is hosting a public meeting on May 17 at 7pm at the Confederation Centre of the Arts to discuss the five regulatory scenarios proposed by Dr. David Wachsmuth in his extensive report on Short-Term Rentals (STR). 

We have updated our website with a lot of information based on Dr. Wachsmuth’s findings along with a breakdown of the five scenarios. 

The five scenarios restrict the types of short-term rentals permitted in Charlottetown to various degrees. These scenarios generally range from more restrictive (Scenario 1) to less restrictive (Scenario 5). The option that the City chooses will determine the amount of current short-term rentals that will return to the long-term market as homes for residents and the future of housing availability and affordability in our City.

As of now, city staff are recommending Scenario 4 which would continue to allow commercial operators to run STR’s in the downtown area 500 Block and St. Avard’s area where 61% of STR’s are already located. This scenario would only bring 86 units back to the long-term market. 

We believe SCENARIO 2 is the best option for regulating and returning long-term units to the market (be it to purchase or rent long term) while still allowing principal residence STR operators to earn extra income:

  • 53.9% of current active listings would still be allowed
  • 122 (88.4%) housing units could be return to the long term market

Now is the time to voice your opinions and concerns on the five scenarios. There are many ways you can participate:

  • SIGN UP to attend the public meeting in person or online. 
    • If you can’t secure a ticket to attend in person let us know by emailing 
    • You need to register with the Planning & Heritage Department in advance to attend the online. You can do so by emailing or phoning (902) 629-4158
  • EMAIL the Mayor, your City Councillor, and the Planning Department to let them know why you think Scenario 2 is the best option to choose. We have a template email ready if you need some guidance. We have also compiled the emails for all City of Charlottetown Councillors. 
  • ATTEND our sign-making event at 4 pm at Beaconsfield Carriage House on May 16! You can sign up here.
  • GATHER with us in solidarity before the meeting. We will be outside the replica chamber at the Confederation Centre of the Arts (the area just above the box office entrance) at 6pm with signs, chants and lots of energy! COVID protocols will be in effect for this gathering so please wear a mask! Let us know you are coming by joining the Facebook event!!

It is vital that as many voices as possible engage in this and future public consultations.