PEIFAH Update for April 2, 2020

In our efforts to keep tenants as informed as possible we will be implementing a daily update on what we know. If you have any questions for our elected officials please let us know and we will do our best to find the answers. 

  1. Eviction Orders Will Not Be Enforced During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  1. If Tenants DO Receive A Notice of Termination It Is Critical They Contact IRAC — ASAP
  1. Changes to Temporary Rental Assistance Benefit
    • Changed from $250 per household to $1000 per household for a three-month period ($500 for April, $250 for May, $250 for June). This will be paid directly to the landlord. 
    • Students who live off-campus are now eligible to apply.
    • Call 1-877-368-5770 or their website for further information.
    • Here is the application form to apply for this benefit.

If you know anyone who is a renter please share this information with them. Not everyone has access to a computer and they may not know their rights. 

DISCLAIMER: In such a chaotic environment we will do our best, but due to the quick changes in information, we could be prone to out of date information or errors. If something we have said is incorrect, please let us know by emailing