On November 1 of this year (2023) the temporary moratorium on evictions will come to an end. The moratorium has provided tenants with a temporary reprieve but we should expect applications to renovict to pick up again as landlords recognise that a path to getting rid of their current tenants and raising rents by large amounts has been reopened.

Now is the time to demand that government end renovictions altogether and extend the moratorium until that is done!

FIND MORE HERE: https://peifah.ca/join-in-the-fight-to-stop-renovictions-once-and-for-all/

What we believe

We believe housing is a right, not a privilege. It cannot be treated as a commodity to be governed by market forces. All people deserve safe, affordable and accessible homes. All levels of government have a role to play in ensuring its citizens have access to a healthy and sustainable way of life in their own communities.

What we’re advocating for

We will be a voice for the tenant community, continue to build the tenant movement, and do our utmost to represent our collective needs to government. Holding them to account on their policy decisions. Below are some of the policies we’re fighting for.



On November 1 of this year (2023) the temporary moratorium on evictions will come to...

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Public Investment

We ask that federal programs for social housing be expanded, and that all levels of government follow the lead of other provinces by creating local social housing projects.

Tenant/Landlord dispute protocols

We ask that improved protocols and enforcement are put into place to assist tenants in holding landlords accountable for their negligence.

Short Term Rentals

We need an open-to-the-public rent registry to be built to provide Island residents the information they require to make proper choices when looking for a an apartment to rent.